Workshed – ‘Workshed’ album review

Band: Workshed
Album: Workshed
Release Date: 13th September, 2019`
Label: Rise Above Records



Review by Ian

Well, this project crept up on me and once I read about it I was really looking forward to hearing the final product.
Having seen Adam Lehan and Mark Wharton from their Acid Reign days, to their times in Cathedral they have been missing from the music scene for far too long. So when Rise Above announced they were to release this debut album, all the links were there for this to be a belter. So, have they delivered?

From the 9 tracks on show on the album the opener ‘The Windowpanes of the Lexington’ is a stand out track. It has a cracking pace and a really addictive quality to it which has meant this has been blasting out on the CD for quite a while.

To say Adam Lehan has really been known for his guitar work, here he has delivered guitars, bass and even vocal duties, and he is on point for all parts. Mark Wharton on drums goes to show you can never keep a good man down. The songs flow well on the album and I have not really heard a bad song amongst them.
Sure, there are strong Cathedral vibes in the music, and let’s be honest, that ain’t a bad thing is it. There are also some Celtic Frost sounding parts in there too. The songs are not all doom and gloom musically, there is a good mix of slower and faster parts in there, and it is mixed up well, though the song topics do show a large amount of angst and frustration which has been released.

With the recent addition of Helen Storer on bass duties, let’s hope live dates will follow.
To sum it up, as a debut from this duo it’s an absolute cracker and should give them a great foundation to build on.

8 out of 10


Track Listing:
1. The Windowpanes At The Lexington
2. If This Is How It Is
3. Nowhere To Go
4. Anthropophobic
5. On Sticks Of Wood
6. This City Has Fallen
7. A Spirit In Exile
8. Safety Behaviours
9. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way