Witchfinder – ‘Hazy Rites’ album review

Band: Witchfinder
Album: Hazy Rites
Release Date: 1st April, 2019
Label: Black Bow Records



Review by Sean

So, how heavy is this, you ask? Put it this way, my housemate had to leave the room because they literally couldn’t take it. Three tracks in, they had to leave. So yes, it’s fucking heavy. It’s full of fuzz, and it will blow your mindhole. It’s on a level with Sleep, or even the hallowed Electric Wizard it’s that’s good. But what makes it good? Well let’s talk about some of it.

To be a good stoner album, there needs to be a catchy, repetitive hook I’m your songs, and first track ‘Ouija’ nails it. There’s the slower parts, obviously, with their fuzzy distorted greatness, both when the track does “speed up” (is anything done speedily with stoner? Answers on a postcard, kids) the hook they use gets you well in the zone.

‘Satan’s Haze’ has a real early Sabbath edge to it, thigh the song was ruined for me a little bit because listening to it while… inebriated… I swear that instead of hearing Satan’s Haze I heard “bacon and eggs” (don’t judge me, it really does sound a bit line that, even clear headed) and so now I can’t take this one seriously any more because that’s all I hear.

Other highlights include the relatively brisk at only six minutes fifty long ‘Sexual Intercourse’, which is about as poppy as this album gets, which is still not remotely accessible to those on the fence about the genre as a whole, which I kinda love, if I’m honest. The guitars are at maximum fuzz, the vocals are almost completely indecipherable, and it’s so heavy NASA want to take a photo of it.

Finally, I want to mention the last track, also my favourite, ‘Dans L’instant’. It’s over ten minutes long, and is a proper ride through what makes stoner metal so fucking good. The slow start that’s effectively a guitar solo, the haunting, ethereal vocal work, the exceptionally tight yet simplistic at times drumming. You could not wish for a better way to explain the genre. This track is Stoner Metal 101. This is what you should show people to convince them that this is a truly misunderstood and well worth it genre of music.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my bong needs cleaning.


9 out of 10



Track Listing:
1. Ouija
2. Satan’s Haze
3. Covendoom
4. Sexual Intercourse
5. Wild Trippin
6. Sorry
7. Dans L’Instant