Whiskey Myers – ‘Whiskey Myers’ album review

Band: Whiskey Myers
Album: Whiskey Myers
Release Date: 27th September, 2019
Label: Wiggy Thump



Review by Sean

Before reviewing this, I’ll admit I had never heard of Whiskey Myers at all before. I’m ashamed of that after listening to this album. It’s a phenomenal blend of Southern Rock, Blues, and Country that goes down like that first whiskey of the night.

It starts off well enough, ‘Die Rockin’ an opener anthem about growing up, discovering good music, and having it change your life. It’s a song that can speak to a fair few of us, and even if you don’t personally identify with it, the sentiment is such a good one you’ll be singing it too.
‘Mona Lisa’ isn’t a track that honestly sticks in my mind too much, which is odd when you consider that it sounds a lot like an early Blackberry Smoke song. It’s good, but it really is a bit too on the nose.
I fucking love ‘Rolling Stone’. Even the first time I heard this album this song got repeated a good ten or twelve times before I moved on. It’s my favourite track on the album and damn it might well be my track of the year. It’s an upbeat country song with a message of unrequited love behind it, as most country tends to. There’s a touch of Dylan in the harmonica bits, there’s a slice of Springsteen in the vocals, and the music is just country personified. Even now reviewing this, I’ve had this on three times so far.

This is another fun one. It’s a venomous track called ‘Bitch’ and brings some Southern fury to the album. It’s fiery, it’ll get your toes tapping, and your head nodding. If you don’t enjoy this one, I don’t know what to tell you.
‘Gasoline’ keeps the tempo going, but side steps a bit into Southern Rock territory. Think Black Stone Cherry with more fuzz in the guitars and less weed, which is contrasted quite a bit with ‘Bury My Bones’, which has a melody I know I’ve heard somewhere else, but I can’t quite place it. If you know, let me know. Seriously, get in touch and let me know, cos it’s really fucking me off.

From there we have ‘Glitter Ain’t Gold’, a more flowing track that’s a decent track, but it feels like the album is slowing down a bit TOO much here. It’s a good track, with a fine solo contained within, but it just feels like the album is dragging its heels a little bit, when it needed something a bit more up tempo to push us through the meat of the album.
‘Houston County Sky’ gives us what we need. It’s full on country rock, but it’s got a great melody to it, and the vocals are some of the best on the album right here. You can feel the Springsteen influence here as well, not as much as an upcoming track, but I can hear The Boss singing this, and I’d enjoy the crap out of it. The song is a definite highlight, would be my favourite if not for ‘Rolling Stone’.
‘Little More Money’ is another one that’s good, but isn’t a highlight for me, mainly because I couldn’t really connect with it too much. Musically it’s top notch, I just wasn’t feeling it, despite it being something you’d fully expect to hear on a Springsteen album. The same can be said for ‘California to Caroline’ too. Great song, I just wasn’t feeling it as much as others. They might grow on me in time, who knows.

‘Kentucky Gold’ though, I was feeling the fuck out of this one. That simple but driving beat moving you forward, the vocals stealing the limelight, the guitars setting an excellent backdrop. It’s a nice buffer for Running’, which is an out and out softer song, Country 101. I would fully expect this to chart in the US on their country charts. Have a listen, you’ll see what I mean.
‘Hammer’ brings in some blues to that country sound and dirties things up again. This is a dirty sounding but well-meaning track, it’s not the best thing you’ll hear all year, but it’s gonna be up there. The other side of that coin is ‘Bad Weather’, just vocals and a guitar, strumming away, eventually joined by the rest of the band, but it’s assuredly a sad one. Skip this if you’re looking for fun stuff for a playlist of to just throw on. Keep it on if you wanna take a trip to Feelstown. I will say though, the latter half of the song contains some of the most soulful guitar work I’ve heard this year. It’s a six minute long song, with three minutes of the guitarist pouring heart and soul out through those strings. It’s a stunningly good full-on blues solo, and damn near up there with Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’.

In closing, this may well be my pick for album of the year. It’s got highs and lows, but those highs are stratospheric, and the lows are still pretty fucking good. Having said that, Alter Bridge has an album out today (as of this review going up), so we’ll see

10 out of 10



Track Listing:
01. Die Rockin’
02. Mona Lisa
03. Rolling Stone
04. Bitch
05. Gasoline
06. Bury My Bones
07. Glitter Ain’t Gold
08. Houston County Sky
09. Little More Money
10. California To Caroline
11. Kentucky Gold
12. Running
13. Hammer
14. Bad Weather