Warrior Soul – ‘Rock n Roll Disease’ album review

Band: Warrior Soul
Album: Rock n Roll Disease
Release Date: 7th June, 2019
Label: Livewire/Cargo Records 



Review by John

After over 30 years (give or take the odd hiatus), Warrior Soul’s latest offering, coming hot on the heels of 2017’s ‘Back On The Lash’, sees Kory Clarke and co reinvigorated for a new generation.

Over the course of the 8 tracks presented here, the band carry on the ballsy rock sound of their last album (probably no surprise given the short period between releases), to give the listener a thunderous example of heavy rock done right.

From the opening of ‘Up The Dose’, which bounces along with a fuck you attitude perfectly underpinned by a sleazy snarl from frontman Clarke, to the closing moments of ‘After The Show’, the album sets out its stall and sticks to it.

Take the down and dirty crunchy fun of ‘Off My Face’, which has catchy solos bursting from every pore, channelling the spirit of Motorhead in their prime, and the initial slow build chug and groove of ‘Melt Down’, which powers along, over-spilling with insanely catchy hooks as it gradually brings the hammer down.

While ‘Rock On’ does exactly what it says on the tin, being a beautifully straightforward bluesy rocker, ‘War Ride Children’ evokes memories of the 80s LA scene, with its punky edge given a healthy application of 21st century polish.

‘Going Mental’ does exactly that, with its gloriously addictive singalong energy making it ideal for the live arena, before ‘After The Show’ brings things to a close with a short but sweet ode to debauchery rock n roll style.

While it may not quite live up to the band’s early work, ‘Rock n Roll Disease’ is a prime slice of pure classic rock, dripping with the sound of outrageous excess that refuses to compromise from start to finish.

As diseases go, this one is highly infectious and there is no known cure. So get out there and catch yourself a dose.

8 out of 10



Track Listing:
1. Up The Dose
2. Rock n Roll Disease
3. Off My Face
4. Melt Down
5. Rock On
6. War Ride Children
7. Going Mental
8. After The Show