WarlocK – ‘Balls first’ single review

Band: WarlocK
Single: Balls First
Release Date:  31st October, 2019



Review by Sean

When you come across something totally randomly, the air of expectation is an interesting thing. On the one hand, because it’s new, if you don’t like it, you’ve lost nothing but a few minutes of your time. If you do like it though, 
then its great, because you’ve found something new to invest more time and energy into. 

Which brings us to this single from comedy metallers WarlocK. I came across a random post on Facebook with the singer asking if there was anyone out there who wanted to review their joining single, ‘Balls First’. I was intrigued, so I got in touch.  

What I heard was fun, rocking, and a good laugh. It’s bombastic, not all to be taken seriously, but still well put together musically. It made me want to check out more of what they’ve done, and I had a most enjoyable time for a while, listening to a new band. 

Give it a shot when you get a chance. Be brave with new music. Go in Balls First.   

8 out of 10



WarlocK Are:
The Warlock – Lead Vocals/Harmonica/Programming
The Lieutenant – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Caesar – Drums/Percussion
Horace the Alchemist – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Dread Pirate ‘Arry the Red – Guitars/Backing Vocals