Varg – ‘Wolfszeit II’ album review

Band: Varg
Album: Wolfszeit’ II
Release Date: 7th June, 2019
Label: Wolf Metal Records



Review by Sean

I’m a fan of the band Varg, first hearing them back in 2014 or so, randomly looking for stuff on Youtube. Being a huge fan of wolves, I was, understandably intrigued. To then see they had a song called Wolfskult, had me hooked. I’ve kept an eye on the band since, and they’re back with a new album, Wolfszeit. So what did I think of the founding fathers of “Wolf Metal? Well…

It opens with ‘Windzeit’, a driving, drum-led intro to the album as a whole. It’s quite stirring, and powerful.

Album namesake ‘Wolfzeit’ has a Celtic sound to the guitars, which for me is always a favourite. It also serves as a sign of things to come for the album. It’s less harsh than earlier stuff. More polished, which only makes it better. There’s a very Amon Amarth sound to the latter half, but that Celtic riff comes back for the end, which is still very welcome.

‘Asatru’ is next, and we’re talking straight up Amon here. Pounding, melodic, heavy as fuck. There’s a bit just after halfway through that’s designed to break your neck, and I fucking love it. A potential favourite.

‘Skål’ starts with bar sounds, a hearty shout of Skål!, and then rips your face off with its speed. An ode to drinking, I can tell, even if I can’t understand it. I do find it a touch odd that a German band are saying this rather than Prost, but then what do I know? A great song, foot stompingly, head rockingly good.

‘Donareiche’ starts with a mellow intro before the song kicks in proper. It’s a decent song, but not a favourite, sadly. I will say that’s not the song’s fault though. I was interrupted three times while trying to listen to it, and so when I went back to the start of it a fourth time in as many minutes, my enthusiasm was gone for it.

Next up is prelude song ‘Schlachtgebet’. It isn’t a song outright, more that it’s telling the start of a story, which leads right into…

… ‘Heldentot’, which is fully on from the opening moments, with a tasty riff to take us into the meat of the song. I’m fully on board with this one, another potential favourite, purely cos it sounds evil as fuck.

Up next is ‘Blutdienst’. This one is more heavy as fuck greatness, and another potential favourite. I know if I heard it live I’d be going mental for this one. Thundering, driving, classic Varg.

With ‘Das alte Feuer’, I love the switchup of the faster parts and the slower stuff first heard during the intro. It works well, and transports you from one bit of the song to the next seamlessly. The drums stand out here more than anywhere else, truly top notch.

Alas, we’ve reached the end of the album with outro track ‘Weltenbrand’. It’s much softer, slower, and there’s some female vocal work, of a sort. There’s a very folk sound to it, and honestly, it’s enjoyably relaxing. This honestly chilled me right out, and even though it was very short, I’m calling it a highlight. It closes things out in the perfect way, after the full throttle that was the majority of the album.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I’m gonna go so far as to say the best Varg album I’ve heard, JUST tipping past Wolfskult.

9 out of 10



Track Listing:
01. Windzeit
02. Wolfszeit
03. Asatru
04. Skål
05. Donareiche
06. Schlachtgebet
07. Heldentod
08. Blutdienst
09. Das alte Feuer
10. Weltenbrand