Thrash La Reine – ‘La Foi, La Loi, La Croix’ album review

Band: Thrash La Reine
Album: La Foi, La Loi, La Croix
Release Date: 31st May, 2019



Review by Sean

Funny enough, before this album came up on the review list, a friend of mine mentioned them to me in passing. They had good things to say, so of course I had to review it. However, it appears myself and the band are at a wee bit of an impasse. I do not speak French. So I’ll mainly be judging this on structure and sound. And how does it fare?

Well, honestly, it opens incredibly well, the beginnings of ‘Pourchasser le Dragon’ (Chase the Dragon) are promising. A thrash sound with a melodic touch to it. Throughout, there’s a real 80s metal sound to it. Think Priest, Maiden, early Metallica, that sort of sound all rolled into one. It’s excellent.

Every good 80s metal band needed an eponymous track, and this is it. ‘Thrash la Reine’ (Thrash the Queen) it’s less melodic as a whole, focusing on the thrash part well, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of music. Indeed the pays that do show memory are again incredibly well done. At this point I’m somewhat disjointed no one has pointed them out to me before.

‘Le Rédempteur’ (The Redeemer) is one of my favourites on here. It leans more on Maiden than other influences. There’s this great little bit with just vocals and the drums that I really enjoyed that morphs into some fucking heavy metal that gets your head banging.

Next is ‘La Peur du Lendemain’ (The Fear of Tomorrow), which opens with a cool as fuck bassline, then kicks into a great Megadeth sounding track that I think I’m going to call my favourite on the album. It was this track that made me want to find lyrics for the album, to look into what I was hearing, and learn more. I highly recommend you do similar. These lads aren’t fucking around.

Another contender though was ‘Garde la Foi’ (Keep the Faith). I know I’m prone to using the word a lot in my reviews, but this is an anthem. One they’ll use as a high point of their live sets. Hell, even I was singing along at points. This band made me want to dust off my old school books and learn another language again. This song fucking rocks!

Sadly, all good things must end, and with ‘Du Sang sur les Plaines’ (Blood on the Plains) this rather surprisingly good album does too. It goes out on a high, channelling that Maiden vibe again, and I for one would happily hand over money to see this band in the UK. Sing French, sing English, just come over and blaze a trail. Thrash La Reine, sont incroyables!


8 out of 10



Track Listing:
1. Pourchasser le Dragon
2. Thrash la Reine
3. Le Rédempteur
4. La Peur du Lendemain
5. Garde la Foi
6. Du Sang sur les Plaines