Tensor – ‘The Suicide Connection’ EP review

Band: Tensor
EP: The Suicide Connection
Release Date:  15th November, 2019
Label: Self Released



Review by John

Belgium. According to Colin Farrell in ‘In Bruges’ a country that is famous for two things (but we won’t go into that now). In the universe created by Doug;las Adams, it’s the most taboo of swear words.
But it’s not all bad. It gave us Tintin. It gave us Poirot. And now it gives us Tensor.

Featuring among others members of Sanity’s Rage and The Advent of March, Tensor have followed up their two track demo ‘The Collector’ with a four track EP packed to the brim with technical metal goodness.
Things start well with the blackened to a crisp sound of ‘Beyond The Void’, a track that drips with menace and foreboding. While possibly the weakest track on the EP, it’s still an impressive opener, with riffs galore
that builds nicely and serves as a nice introduction to the band.
‘The Gates of Madness’ turns up the heat and raises the stakes as, after a melodic bass led intro, things explode into life in a flurry of frenzied guitars and the venomous, acid tinged vocals of Kenny Molly. It’s a massive leap forward from the opener, and provides an insight into what Tensor are all about.

But again, it’s just an aperitif before the main course., as the ante is upped on ‘Reflections’, a track that sees the band really start to make their mark. A track that blends Maiden-esque guitars with some truly
thrash till you drop carnage, you wonder whether Tensor have peaked.
Spolier – they haven’t.

The truly epic sound of ‘Window Over Winters Past’ ensures that the EP ends on the highest of highs as everything that has gone before blends into one perfect whole. With twisting riffs, pounding drums and even some death growls thrown in for good measure, ‘Window Over Winters Past’ is a prime slice of technical progressive metal, and a track where you seem to notice something new on every listen.

As 2019 draws to an end, ‘The Suicide Connection’ is the ideal companion to those long, cold winter nights.
Technically impressive, no holds barred and heavy as hell, it doesn’t take Poirot’s little grey cells to work out that this is an EP you need to hear.

9 out of 10



Track Listing:
1. Beyond The Void
2. The Gates of Madness
3. Reflections
4. Window Over Winters Past