Spreading the Disease – ‘Mindcell’ EP review

Band: Spreading the Disease
EP: Mindcell
Release Date: 11th April, 2019
Label: Surgery Records



Review by Sean

I was pleasantly surprised with the last STD I got given, but enough about my weekends.
Indeed, the last release from Spreading The Disease took me by surprise. I was expecting something half arsed, comedic in the worst way, and just overall not good. It was actually a vitriolic infusion of raw, unbridled anger that I thoroughly enjoyed.

So, what of the new EP, ‘Mindcell’?
It’s great stuff.

From the off, much like the last, it’s projecting hate and anger squarely at anyone stupid enough to get in the way.
The whole EP is a fine example of how metalcore is still excellent these days if the right people are behind it.
The tracks on offer here are a sure sign that these guys have what it takes to make it, provided people give them a chance.

And to that end, one of my main highlights is ‘The Anger Inside’. From the opening siren sounds that grab your attention, to the crushing wail that the band brings when they jump in,
the furious vocal work, it’s the epitome of metalcore. All That Remains gone ultraviolent. But musically, there’s also a small touch of Slipknot in there, which only makes everything sound even more vengeful.

Speaking of Slipknot, I want to talk about my pick of the EP, ‘Waves’.
This song is so good it could appear on one of their albums. It starts off slow and despondent, then brings in the fury, right when it needs to. It’s fucking brilliant.
I listened to this one more than the other tracks. It just clicked with me.

So, if like me you’ve been struggling for motivation lately, if you need a kick up the arse, if you just want some raw, great music, then go get this STD.
I recommend it.


9 out of 10



Track Listing
1. Obsession
2. Voices
3. The Anger Inside
4. Waves
5. Conflicted