Sons of Cain – ‘The Book of Cain’ album review

Band: Sons of Cain
Album: The Book of Cain
Release Date: 
Label: Self Released



Review by Sean 

Having not listened to Sons of Cain before today, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but from the start of ‘Salute’ I was on board. That chug, man. It’s fucking great stuff. A very Texas Hippie
Coalition meets hard booze instead of weed sort of sound. Belter.
‘Battle Cry’ slows the groove down by SOME way, and we’re well into doom territory. The fuzz on the bass would make a woolly mammoth feel naked, and I can’t wait to give this one a listen once
I’ve been to my nearest gardener, if you get me. Honestly, the glacial pace of this one just makes it so much better, which is what you need with doom. It does eventually pick up, but it maintains
that doom and gloom, and honestly, imagine Pantera on about half speed, or Down without the racism, and you’re almost there with how this one sounds.

The faster sound continues with ‘Counterfeit’, the vocals are dirty and aggressive as they have been so far. Not a highlight for me, but still a damn fine song. Just, I dunno, I feel like just basically
carrying on where the last song ended (a seven minute long song to boot) just feels a bit laborious and samey.
I like ‘Nomad’. It’s back to the sort of sound we had on ‘Salute’, and I really dig it. Heavy, full of groove, and honestly, something you wanna listen to again right after it’s done.

‘West Harrison’ is crushing, plodding, and so heavy it could probably make a dent in the Earth if you dropped your phone while listening to it. It’s a potential favourite for me as well. I do love
me a song with plenty of dirty groove in it. And fuck me, those growled vocals about a third of the way through too. Scratch what I said earlier, this IS my favourite on the album.

‘Counterfeit Too’ kicks us off with a pounding drum beat that I guarantee will absolutely be used to get the crowd at a gig into a “Hey!” chant. It nearly worked on me, and I’m just sat at
home. The repeating guitar riff works too. It gets in your head, and has you nodding along in rhythm. It’s another highlight, as you can’t help but get into the song throughout. That simple,
catchy riff, that beat, it continues through most of it, to keep you going. The bits that change it up are excellent refreshers too, and that ending is excellent.

I know of precisely one other song called ‘Asshole’, and it sounds absolutely nothing like this one. That other one is almost a call to arms type song, very minimalistic. This one is a groove-
laden sermon of hate that could be used as a “fuck you” anthem to some. I like it. I like it a lot.
Another highlight is ‘Virus’. It starts off heavy, backs off just a little bit for the verse, before ramping back up again partway through that same verse. It’s certainly the most angry song so
far, and every time it backs off slightly, you know it’s just getting ready to attack more aggressively than before. Honestly, this one pushes ‘West Harrison’ almost to the limit for my
pick of favourite, and on another day, probably would be the one I pick. Fuck it’s great.

All good things must come to an end, and with ‘Almasty’, this album does just that in a very odd way. That intro, it’s… Yeah. It slows everything RIGHT back down, like something has just kicked
in, and your brain is struggling to keep up. Done purposefully, no doubt, but it really is weird considering the rest of the album. It actually sounds very evil, almost like it could be black metal.
Seriously, give this one a listen and tell me I’m wrong. At least until the vocals anyway. They still sound sinister, but more angry than evil.

So, this album then. It’s a fucking great slice of stoner/doom/whatever the fuck it is, so Sons of Cain, you beautiful whatever the fuck you guys are, well done. This is a top, top album

9 out of 10



Track Listing:
01. Salute
02. Battle Cry
03. Counterfeit
04. Nomad
05. West Harrison
06. Counterfeit Too
07. Asshole
08. Virus
09. Almasty