Resin – ‘Persecution Complex’ EP review

Band: Resin
EP: Persecution Complex
Release Date: 29th August, 2015
Label: Unsigned

Review by John

20th December 2014. The Firebug, Leicester. I was lucky enough to be there on a highly emotional night as Resin brought the curtain down and played their last ever gig.

Or so we thought.

After much soul searching, founder members Simon and Chez realised that what they had was too good to give up. And so the search began for three new members and, earlier this year, a new look Resin was born.

‘Persecution Complex’ is a three track EP which gives a taster of the sound of the new line up.

It’s fair to say that original vocalist James Botha had a unique and exceptional voice, and nowhere was this more evident than on their debut album ‘Embrace The Fall’.
However, last single ‘Burn’ showcased a heavier, rockier style compared to the more laid back approach of previously. If ‘Burn’ and now ‘Persecution Complex’ are an indication of the direction in which Resin are heading, then it’s fair to say that new vocalist Dave Gandon seems far better suited to the newer material.

‘Open Heart Trauma’ gets things underway. The melodic intro recalls early Resin, but once things truly kick in, we are heading into all new territory. The grunge influences are still there for all to see, but we’re probably closer to Audioslave than anyone else. And when Gandon starts to sing, any fears about the loss of Botha are put to rest. Coming at you like the sound of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder chain smoking Capstan Full Strength in a paddling pool filled with custard and honey whiskey, his voice is a perfect fit. We’re off to a good start.

Second track ‘Printing Money’ is the only completely new track on the EP, so is, perhaps, the best track to demonstrate what Resin 2015 are all about. The familiar style is still there, but this is heavier and slightly darker. Recalling the best of the early 90s grunge scene, it’s punchy, melodic and stays with you long after it has finished.

Perhaps the best indicator of the progress Resin are now making comes with closing track ‘Angel’. If you’re familiar with the band, you may have heard a demo version, recorded by the previous line up, on the ‘Burn’ CD. Obviously that was a work in progress version, but what becomes clear when you hear the new version is that Resin are coming on in leaps and bounds. Showcasing a softer feel to Gandon’s vocals, this is a slower number, and one which would not have sounded out of place on Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’. It’s a brilliant way to finish things off.

Confession time – ‘Embrace The Fall’ (which infamously received a kicking in a Kerrang review which the band have become fairly proud of), is one of my favourite albums of the last few years. I approached this new EP with, it has to be said, a fair amount of trepidation.

Turns out I had no need to worry. If the next Resin album comes anywhere near the standard set here, then we could be in line for something very special indeed.


Track Listing:
01. Open Heart Trauma
02. Printing Monkey
03. Angel

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