Raised By Owls – ‘Dreadful’ album review

Band: Raised By Owls
Album: Dreadful
Release Date: 29th March, 2019
Label: Self Released



Review by John 

The “difficult second album”. The “tricky follow up”.
Just how do a band go about preparing for their sophomore effort?

In the case of Raised By Owls, it would appear to be by reading a pile of back issues of Heat, while watching video nasties and consulting a thesaurus.

“Dreadful” is, like its predecessor, a finely crafted grindcore album of tracks that are mainly concerned with the lesser known habits of Z List (and in some cases even lower) celebrities.

This time around, the delights on offer include such delicacies as “Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch”, The Philip Schofield Chainsaw Massacre”, Cult Of David Dickinson”, “Carol Vorderman’s Countdown To Extinction” and, possibly the greatest song title of all time, “Rob Halford Robs Halfords”.

But, you say to yourself, this silliness is all well and good, but what about the actual music itself?

Happily, the band appear to have pulled out all the stops, focusing on longer, more intricate songs than previously. Take away the Mr Blobby samples from “Noel’s Haunted House Party” and you could almost be listening to Carcass in their prime.

As the album goes on, you get a sense of just how far Raised By Owls have come as a band since their debut. While everything is as delightfully daft as ever, it’s the quality of the songs themselves that shines through here.
Listening back to back with the first album and it’s almost hard to equate this as the same band. The sheer, visceral fury of “Night Of The Living Dildos” (a song which ends with vocalist Sam Fowler’s repeated anguished scream of “Dildos”, something which could well become a live favourite for audience participation) is an utter joy to behold, with its twisting death metal riffs and Romero samples.

If you like your metal deadly serious then this is probably not the album for you. However, if you like a hefty dollop of pop culture stupidity with your headbanging, and have always wished that, instead of getting all political and socially conscious, Napalm Death just sat on their arses all day watching daytime telly, then “Dreadful” is just the tonic you need.


9 Out of 10 Flames



Track Listing:
01. Noel’s Haunted House Party
02. Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch
03. Netflix and Kill
04. Two Pints of Virgins Blood and a Packet of Crisps
05. Cult Of David Dickinson
06. Ant and Dec vs The Evil Dead
07. Yelling Slayer At Your Nan’s Funeral
08. Geting Drunk With Satan
09. The Philip Schofield Chainsaw Massacre
10. Burning Churches Is The Most Fun You Can Have Without Taking Your Clothes Off
11. Fifty Shades Of Grind
12. Owen Wilson Says Wow
13. Gordon Ramsay’s Insatiable Desire For Human Flesh
14. The Boring Exorcism Of David Beckham
15. Rob Halford Robs Halfords
16. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Easily Offended Milennials
17. The Ultimate Keyboard Warrior
18. Carol Vorderman’s Countdown To Extinction
19. Night Of The Living Dildos
20. Mark Zuckerberg, King of the Nightmare Realm
21. Halloween at Richard and Judy’s