Promethium – ‘Revisions’ album review

Band: Promethium
Album: Revisions
Release Date: 4th October, 2019
Label: Load4 Records



Review by John

Maybe there’s something in the water right now, but hot on the heels of Resin’s recent acoustic EP, North West metallers Promethium have revisited their back catalogue for a full albums worth of acoustic beauty. 

Stripped down to just guitarist Daniel Lovett-Horn and vocalist Graham, this is music in it’s most no frills form.  And is damned impressive. 

Covering their back catalogue and with a previously unreleased track to boot, Revisions is a release that drags the listener in as the lilting guitars of Lovett-Horn guide you through.   

A lot of frontmen don’t have the necessary range to pull off acoustic versions of their tracks, but Graham manages it with ease as he powers through the ten tracks. 

Powerful and emotional, Revisions is a revelation, bringing a whole new dimension to Promethium’s trademark metal sound. 

While some tracks don’t translate quite so well as others (opener ‘Tribute To The Fallen’ doesn’t quite live up to the original), there is so much to enjoy here that you can forgive the odd flaw. 

Standouts include ‘Rain’, ‘Nothing’ and the haunting ‘Visions’ which features a guest appearance from Hannah Morris, who provides an emotive counterpoint to Graham.  Listening back to back with the original and it’s almost a completely different song, but one that more than holds its own in comparison. 

If you like Promethium then this is a no brainer – you need this in your collection.  But if you’re a fan of the softer side of music, loaded with feeling and passion then you could also do a lot worse than checking this out. 

Sublimely beautiful. 

8 out of 10


Track Listing:
01. Tribute To The Fallen
02. Shellshock
03. Enemies Fate
04. Nothing
05. 20.21.15
06. Visions
07. Murder Inc
08. Crashing Down Pt 2: Reflections
09. Rain
10. Sons Revenge