Obscura Qalma – ‘From the Sheol to the Apeiron’ EP Review

Band: Obscura Qalma
EP: From the Sheol to the Apeiron
Release Date: 5th April, 2019 
Label: Metal Scrap Records



Review by Sean

This EP is not fucking around. There’s no slower or softer intro, it’s just 0 – 100 from the get-go, and when something makes you lament the fact that your speakers have a volume limit, you know
you’re onto something special.
So let’s talk about just how special it is.

‘Misanthropic Perception’ is a prototypical black metal number. Right out of the Behemoth pages, with some Dimmu thrown in there for good measure, and it kicks arse.
I love the almost ending about halfway through, almost as if the band wonder about finishing the song then going, !nah, fuck that, we’re not done making people’s ears bleed yet, and launching into more demonic
sound. It’s a great opening track, and makes you want more.

To that end, ‘Apokalepse’ delivers, in spades. It starts with a wall of sound before launching properly into more unrelenting evil.
Last year I reviewed Dimmu Borgir and was blown away by it, this track could absolutely slide in alongside anything on that album and no one would complain.
It’s phenomenal, my pick of the bunch.

‘Roots of Evil’ is a… I don’t want to say slower song, more that it’s less frenetic. Which seems odd considering that it’s the shortest track on offer here. Yet it’s still got just as much impact as the others, a future classic for sure.

And finally, we have ‘Haze of Reason’. I love the guitars in the beginning of this. Truly great stuff, and as the song goes on, the music here just gets better.
I’d be so tempted to say it’s tied for my favourite. In fact fuck it, it is. This is what black metal could, and should, be.

So, if you like black metal, get this, and give it a spin. You won’t regret it

9 out of 10



Track Listing:
1. Misanthropic Perception
2. Apokalepse
3. Roots of Evil
4. Haze of Reason