Luke Combs – ‘The Prequel’ EP review

Artist: Luke Combs
EP: The Prequel
Release Date: 7th June,2019
Label: River House Artists



Review by Sean

I know, I know, it’s not a metal album. Not even rock. But I’m a man who enjoys many different types of music, and honestly, second after metal for me is country. Like, ACTUAL Country music.
Working class type music that deals with relatability as its core.
To that end, this review is about an EP from a guy whose music is infinitely relatable, and a guy who epitomises coming from nothing to be a world beater.
Luke Combs started it just doing his stuff on Vine, for those that remember what that was.
In 2017 he brought out his debut album and skyrocketed to fame in the States, filling arena almost instantly.
The following year he sort of re-released the album, adding a few extra tracks, which also went down amazingly well.
And now, he has an EP out, made up of songs he’s done live, that have been heavily requested for a studio release.

Kicking things off on the EP is an up-tempo ode to the few things in life that never let you down, named ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’, and never have I related to a song so much as this
one. It’s all done tongue in cheek, and is a fun little number.

Second up is ‘Refrigerator Door’, a more touching song about… well memories, to be honest. About how the only things that get put on said door are of happier times, and how you can take heart in

Third of five is a heart breaker, called ‘Even Though I’m Leaving’, and is a song told from different times. Firstly, a kid afraid of the dark, his dad saying he’s right there if he needs him. Secondly, the now grown up guy is shipping out for war, and again, his dad is saying he’ll be here for him. The final verse, the dad is dying, and still puts his son at ease. I’m butchering it, but give it a listen.
If it doesn’t tug at your heartstrings then you have no heart.

Fourthly is a song that just absolutely a Blackberry Smoke song, ‘Loving On You’. Listening to this, I can’t hear anything but that, and while I can’t blame Luke for it, because it’s a great, fun song, it’s not like other stuff he’s known for.

Speaking of, closer ‘Moon Over Mexico’ IS a Luke Combs song. It’s slower, softer, and reminiscing a time with a loved one.

SO, the EP. Is it worth it? Well if you say you don’t like Country, it probably won’t sway you, but I’d still say give it a chance. You never know…

8 out of 10



Track Listing:
1. Beer Never Broke My Heart
2. Refrigerator Door
3. Even Though I’m Leaving
4. Lovin’ on You
5. Moon Over Mexico