‘Lightmatter’ game review

Game: Lightmatter
Platform: PC
Release Date: January 2020
Developer: Tunnel Vision Games



Review by Sean

I’ve been in a rut, gaming wise for a long time. So when I saw someone playing Lightmatter on a youtube video, I knew I had to get it. It looked like a Portal clone, but it had it’s own little honour quirks.

It also helped that the first section of the game was free on Steam, so I dived right in, and went for it. I though it might end up treading a bit too close to the Portal line, and while it does a couple of times (there are blatant references to Aperture), for the most part it takes a different approach to the same idea.

Yes, you need to solve A to B puzzles to get to a level exit, but it’s the way it goes about it that’ so intriguing. Instead of portals, you use light to traverse the levels. Anywhere not affected by light kills you, so it’s basically a giant game of ‘The Floor is Lava’, except the floor is darkness.

There’s an interesting story behind it all that much like Portal never fully explains everything, and left me NEEDING to know more. Sadly though, the end is not explained, so we’re left dangling, hoping more of this game is made, or at least a comic is written to explain a few things.

I’ll say that a few of the puzzles frustrated me, including one that involved putting the lights into specific positions and rotating platforms that took me nearly 40 minutes to work out, but they’re the sort of puzzle that you kick yourself for not figuring out quicker. Another one near the end stymied me for a good 25 minutes, but again, once I worked out what to do, it was the easiest thing.

In short, if you loved Portal, I think you’ll love this. It’s witty, funny, challenging but simple, and honestly, has replay value. I finished it and instantly wanted to play through it again. Thankfully it’s not too long. My first run through clocked in at around five and a half hours. I wonder if I can get it like Portal, where my best was half an hour. One way to find out…

9 out of 10