Inhuman Nature – ‘Inhuman Nature’ album review

Band: Inhuman Nature
Album: Inhuman Nature
Release Date: 15th May, 2019
Label: Injustice Records



Review by John

I miss Hang The Bastard, a much underrated band who, for me, called it a day far too soon.
So it was with much excitement that I dived headlong into the debut album from Inhuman Nature, a crossover hardcore project featuring two former HtB members among their ranks.

Suffice to say, this self titled effort is everything I wanted it to be and more. Harnessing the raw energy of current leading lights such as Power Trip, the album is a sheer blast from start to finish.

With chugging riffs and vocals that recall Exodus at the top of their game, the double whammy that is openers ‘Taste Of Steel’ and ‘Carnivorous Lunar Activities’ are every bit as immediately catchy as you can get, and the band follow this up with the sheer, thunderous intensity of ‘The Hangman Draws Near’, a track which dives into your ear canal and pinballs around your head to dramatic effect.

And this is exactly what Inhuman Nature do so well. They seem to know exactly what their audience is after, and they provide it in spades. With touches of Municipal Waste without the party attitude, it’s an almost endless procession of absolute bangers.
Well, okay, not endless, given that there are only eight tracks on offer, but by the time the eerie opening guitars of ‘Holy Command’ give way to a slower number with echoes of classic Slayer, you start to realise just how good this album is.

In between, you have such instant classics as the all out thrash assault of ‘Forgotten Tombs’, a track that showcases everything that we love about the genre. Guitars are frantic, vocals that drip unbridled menace, and more bounce than a trampolining contest at Hooters.

If you take a debut album as a statement of intent from a band, then be in no doubt about the message here. Inhuman Nature want you to bang your head until it falls off. And if that wasn’t enough, the download on their Bandcamp page is currently priced at the impossibly perfect sum of £6.66 You know you want to.
Hang The Bastard are dead. Long live Inhuman Nature

8 out of 10



Track Listing:
1. Taste Of Steel
2. Carnivorous Lunar Activities
3. The Hangman Draws Near
4. Satan’s Claw
5. Lines In The Sand
6. Forgotten Tombs
7. A Nuclear Frost
8. Holy Command