Ghost – ‘Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic’ EP review

Band: Ghost
EP: Kiss the Go-Goat / Mary On A Cross
Release Date: 27th September, 2019 (physical)
Label: Spinefarm Records



Review by Sean

I actually didn’t know this two track EP was a thing until a friend pointed without to me, saying that no one they knew liked it. This of course piqued my interest, so I immediately set out to listen to it and determine for myself. I have to say, I actually really enjoyed it, and cannot recommend it enough. It’s Ghost taking a more psychedelic approach to their sound, and having immense fun with it along the way.

Case in point, the track titles. First up is ‘Kiss the Go-Goat’, which despite sounding poppier than ever, and psychedelic as fuck, it’s absolutely a Ghost track, and just so much fun. Seriously, give it a listen, you’ll laugh, but then you’ll think about it, and think that actually yeah, it’s a good fucking track.

Second up we have ‘Mary On A Cross’, which doesn’t change anything up. It’s still a pomp-filled affair with pop via the 60s, and it’s still fun as fuck. I guess it’s a little darker than the other track, but it’s still hilarious. If you were around when Ghost were first getting going, it Sounds like that earlier stuff.

So, a fun little EP/single there, which gets a physical release on the 27th of this month, both as standalone, which is sadly sold out, and as part of an exquisite box set for Prequelle called ‘Prequelle Exalted’.
At $90 it’s a bit rich for me, but I enjoyed the fuck out of the EP.


10 out of 10


Track Listing:
01. Kiss the Go Goat 
02. Mary On A Cross