Final Coil – The World We Left Behind For Others ‘album review’

Band: Final Coil 
Album: The World We Left Behind For Others
Release Date: 12th April, 2019
Label: WormHoleDeath



Review by John 

Looking back, 2017 saw some truly remarkable releases. One which stood out for myself was ‘Persistence Of Memory’, the debut album from Leicestershire’s Final Coil.
Blending melodic post grunge with epic metallic riffs, it is an album that is still on my playlist 2 years on.
So it was with a slight sense of trepidation that I fired up the band’s follow up ‘The World We Left Behind For Others’.  After all, lightning doesn’t strike twice.

What do I know? Turns out it does. Only this time it strikes darker and more fiercely than first time around.

Taking the form of a concept album, it was inspired by a series of letters from the early part of the last century which were discovered by one of the band following a family bereavement.

One of those rare albums that almost demands that you listen to it in full, it takes the sound that the band developed so well on their debut in unexpected directions. And is all the better for it.

Over the course of the 12 tracks, some is familiar, such as ‘The Last Battle’ and ‘Keeping Going’ which again come across as the angry offspring of a Satanic union between Alice in Chains and Tool. But there is so much more here to challenge the unwary listener.

‘Scattered Dust’, for instance, blends the beautifully melodic with pure channelled aggression, but also allows the band to show off their prog-rock chops, ‘Convicted By The Right’ is an ethereal alt rock offering, while ‘…And I’ll Leave’ immediately takes you back to the early 90s when Seattle ruled the music world.

The album finishes with the double whammy of ‘Imaginary Trip’ and title track ‘The World We Left Behind For Others’.

‘Imaginary Trip’ is a breathtaking 7 minute journey into the very depths of your soul. To begin with it evokes memories of the sound of maybeshewill, before the restrained vocal kicks in and makes a grab for your heartstrings, especially if the listener takes a moment to study the album’s cover art while the track plays, as it seems to sum up everything the song is about. Hauntingly beautiful, it’s possibly the album’s stand out track, and features a mid section instrumental break that leaves you in a glass case of pure

Following that is no mean feat, but ‘The World We Left Behind For Others’ does a great job of picking up  the threads of the album and bringing things to a close on a real high note. Again, the Tool influence shines through, albeit with slightly doomier edges, and the album fades out on a cacophony of white noise.

While not an album for the casual listener, ‘The World We Left Behind For Others’ rewards repeated listening. Ideally in a darkened room with no distrations as you let yourself drown in the sea of phenomenal progressive bliss.

Darker, angrier and heavier than it’s predecessor, this is an almost perfect follow up, building on everything that the debut got right and moulding it to perfection.

‘Persistence of Memory’ was one of the stand out albums of 2017. And at this moment in time, ‘The World We Left Behind For Others’ looks set to shine just as brightly in 2019.

9 out of 10



Track Listing:
01. Ash’s
02. The Last Battle
03. Scattered Dust
04. Take Me For A Walk
05. Empty Handed
06. Keeping Going
07. Convicted Of The Right
08. Ashes Ashes
09. One More Drink…
10. …And I’ll Leave
11. Imaginary Trip
12. The World We Left Behind For Others