Evyltyde – ‘Singularity’ album review

Band: Evyltyde
Album: Singularity
Release Date: 23rd September, 2019



Review by Sean

Gothic metallers Evyltyde have unleashed their third album upon us all, and I have to say, after some of the stuff I’ve reviewed lately, it’s nice to get back on a run of good stuff. So just how good are they? Well let’s find out.

Opener ‘The Genie’ kicks things off with a distinctly Egyptian sounding intro before the metal kicks in properly, that main riff giving us something to headbang to throughout.  This carries on into ‘Dragging
Me Down’, and here we have the meat of the album; heavy, crunching riffs, pounding drums, and a voice to die for from vocalist Hannah Delaney.

I’d say ‘Freakshow’ is a forerunner for my favourite track. I love the sound of it throughout, how depressing the guitarwork sounds, I love the message the lyrics give, and I can identify with it quite a bit. I wager a good few of y’all reading this will feel similar too, and that’s cool. We’re one people, we’re strong, and we can overcome whatever is thrown at us.

‘The Wall’ is up next, and boy did we all need a track like this after what we just heard. This one grabs you by the scruff of your neck, tells you to get the fuck up and do some fucking damage. It’s aggressive, powerful, and another pick of the bunch.
‘Cages’ slows things down a little, but keeps things heavy and loud, which gives us this chugging pace throughout that really takes me back to my younger days of the early 00’s and Godsmack.
And speaking of, ‘Scars’ continues that sort of sound but speeds things up a bit more again, even if the lyrics are an antithesis of the sound, dark and depressing.

‘Legion’ and ‘Never Fall’ are up next, and while ‘Legion’ is good, ‘Never Fall’ shines through more. That intro riff that repeats through the song here and there, that chorus, it’s just the right sound I need in my life right now. Even the solo is on fire here, coming right when you expect it, melding seamlessly back into the main song.
Closing us out are ‘Devil You Know’ and ‘Let It Burn’, and the former is a vocally driven number, vocals and a riff for the most part, the rest of the band hidden in the background but still there if you focus, the latter a hard hitting closer that ends things just as greatly as they began.

The album as a whole is a great effort, and I highly recommend it, especially for those of us that still love how our metal sounded in those heady early millennium days


8 out of 10



Track Listing:
01. The Genie
02. Dragging Me Down
03. Freakshow
04. The Wall
05. Cages
06. Scars
07. Legion
08. Never Fall
09. Devil You Know
10. Let It Burn