Dragonforce – ‘Extreme Power Metal’ album review

Band: Dragonforce 
Album: Extreme Power Metal
Release Date: 27th September, 2019
Label: Metal Blade



Review by Sean

A lot of people give Dragonforce a hard time, and just dismiss them as a nothing band. But I still have a bit of a soft spot for them. So when I saw they had a brand new album out I was eager to give it a go.
That all changed roughly 25 seconds into it, when I was listening to garbage, calling itself Dragonforce.

It seems to be a trend lately, that bands we used to love and adore are bringing out albums that are utter dreck. Sonata, Blink, and now Dragonforce. Once again, there are moments of promise, but they get utterly ruined by the toss that the rest of the album provides.

From the off, opener ‘Highway to Oblivion’ sounds like some awful 80s homage that no one asked for. It’s pointless me saying it sounds similar to other Dragonforce songs, cos, well they all do. Yes, the chorus is full of cheese and pomp, but the cheese has gone off.

A little further in there’s ‘The Last Dragonborn’, which is just straight up a Sabaton song given the Dragonforce treatment. It’s honestly infuriating to listen to, because it feels like plagiarism. Noit a specific song, but this sounds very “Coat of Arms” era, and it annoys me, because it’s a decent track.

‘Heart Demolition’ is one of my highlights, if I have to pick some. It also has a vaguely 80s sound to it, but they somehow pull this one off. If I was gonna show someone the band for the first time, and couldn’t use the good stuff (first three albums. Fight me. Again.), I’d use this song. If I’m honest, this should have been on the new Sonata album. It’s them through and through, and pisses all over that abomination.

‘Troopers of the Stars’ is almost a love song for Starship Troopers, but it’s abysmal. It almost pained me to listen to it, but thankfully my pick of the album is next up to chase it away. ‘Razorblade Meltdown’ may have a ridiculous title, but it’s a great reminder of the Dragonforce of old, and I’ll admit I listened to this one on its own after giving the album a once over.

‘Strangers’ is another highlight, sadly. At this point first time through I was willing to start to get my hopes up, because two songs in a row got a thumbs up from me. Shockingly, there was a third in a row! Holy shit, third album was finally coming alive. ‘In A Skyforged Dream’ was proving my earlier thoughts wrong! The album was coming good, and I guess the rest would grow on me in time. Right?

Ohhhhh dear. Nope, regular service has been resumed. ‘Remembrance Day’ brought me out of my dream, then the album closer pissed me off so much I refused to listen to it all the way through. ‘My Heart Will Go On’ isn’t a good song anyway, and this was just fucking shite. Utter, utter toss.

4 out of 10


Track Listing:
01. Highway to Oblivion
02. Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine
03. The Last Dragonborn
04. Heart Demolition
05. Troopers of the Stars
06. Razorblade Meltdown
07. Strangers
08. In a Skyforged Dream
09. Remembrance Day
10. My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion cover)