Democratus – ‘Damnation’ EP review

Band: Democratus
EP: Damnation
Release Date: December 2019
Label: Self Released



Review by John

With their new EP, Welsh metallers Democratus pull no punches as they hammer through four tracks of metal with edge, fury and a whole lot of quality.

Opener ‘Is This Fear’ offers a nice balance of vocal styles, alternating between clean vocals and almost death metal tinged growls with ease. It’s a track that offers plenty of atmosphere and substance, with a haunting melody underpinning the whole thing. Add in a sinister edge lurking beneath, and it’s an interesting way to start.

Starting slowly, ‘BTK’ gradually builds, before bursting into life with a scream. With vocalist Steve Jenkins offering a harsher style than previously, it chugs along at its own pace and is all the better for it, providing a heavier counterpoint to the bands sound.

Adding a touch of groove to the mix, title track ‘Damnation’ is an open invitation to wreak destruction on your neck muscles, instilling an irresistible urge to windmill along. Dripping with delicious menace as it takes aim at organised religion, ‘Damnation’ is probably the most accessible track here, and will no doubt become a live favourite in no time at all.

‘Dead Without Dying’ brings things to a close, keeping things varied and interesting as it adds a few power metal influences to proceedings, while losing none of the blackened heart of what has gone before.

Overall, ‘Damnation’ is definitely a release worthy of your attention.

With some nice technical flourishes and more than a few Celtic influences (perhaps unsurprising given that the band hail from the valleys), Democratus eke out their own almost unique sound, which allows them to stand out in an overcrowded metal scene.

Uncompromising, brutal and melodic, ‘Damnation’ is a worthy addition to any metal collection.

8 out of 10


Track Listing:
1. Is This Fear
2. BTK
3. Damnation
4. Dead Without Dying