Deified – ‘Anthrobscene’ album review

Artist: Deified
Album: Anthrobscene
Release Date: 10th April, 2020
Label: Self Released



Review by John

It seems an absolute age since we had any new music from North West noisemongers Deified, but, with a slight tweak in personnel, they are finally back with new release ‘Anthrobscene’.

After the brief future gothic sound of opening piece ‘Prelude’ fades out, ‘Dark Desires’ thunders in to remind the listener that Deified are not here to mess around. With razor sharp riffs and Jamie Hughes’ tradmark deathly growls, this is a massive step forward from the band, as they add technical flourishes to their brutal sound.

‘Broken Matrix’ bounces along like a rabid jackhammer, an all out assault on your senses which batters you into submission. It’s here that the first signs appear of the almost thrash metal touches that the band have added to their sound, as things start to heat up.

This continues through ‘Enemies Within’, with some nice almost spoken word lyrics thrown in to build a foreboding atmosphere to go with the nuclear ferocity.

‘Intermission’ is exactly that, picking up where ‘Prelude’ left off, and giving the listener a chance to regain their senses before ‘Apotheosis/Rebirth’ comes at you like a maniac with a chainsaw demanding blood. The kind of track that drags you under its wheels and leaves you in traction, it features some precision drumming from new sticksman Jordan Stanley-Jones, while Matt Pike and Alistair Blackhall do more shredding than a Tory party aide during an abuse investigation.

The intensity refuses to abate during the penultimate offering ‘Blood Under The Bridge’ which, as well as some killer riffs has just the right amount of groove to counterpoint the brutality.

Things draw to a close with ‘An Ode To Armageddon’, a beautifully constructed instrumental which finally gives bassist Tom Simm his moment to shine. Starting off almost sedately compared to what has gone before, it bursts into frenetic life at the midway point, and is the perfect way to finish things off.

Overall, ‘Anthrobscene’ is a remarkable piece of work, and serves to show just how far Deified have come since their early offerings, improving and perfecting their sound rather than settle for bland regurgitation.

Brutal, uncompromising and utterly essential, this is a release that will be standing head and shoulders on my playlist for a long time to come.

So good it’s almost (Anthr)obscene

9 out of 10



Track Listing:
1 Prelude
2 Dark Desires
3 Broken Matrix
4 Enemies Within
5 Intermission
6 Apotheosis/Rebirth
7 Blood Under The Bridge
8 An Ode To Armageddon