Chalice – ‘Silver Cloak’ 7″ review

Band: Chalice
7″: Silver Cloak
Release Date: 26th April, 2019
Label: High Roller Records



Review by Sean

Chalice came recommended to me a good friend, so when they announced a new EP, I had to do what I could to get hold of a copy to review.

They’re a three piece from Helsinki and I’m happy I managed to unearth this gem of a group in their earlier days, because there’s something special here that warrants checking out.

Since it’s only a 7″ I’ll go track by track, and kicking us off is title track ‘Silver Cloak’, which has the sort of fast paced start you’d expect from a lot of metal in the 80s, complete with vocal scream. It’s a good track that ebbs and flows between slower parts and that intro hook to speed us from verse to verse. It’s not too heavy, so anyone could enjoy it, but it’s absolutely metal, and it’s definitely something you wanna hear more of.

Second track ‘Drowning in Dream’ is a simple yet hauntingly beautiful transitional track that gets us from the catchiness of the last track to the showpiece of the EP, the eight minute epic of ‘Parallel Path’.

Speaking of, what’s that like? It starts off well, the intro got it’s hooks in me and didn’t let go, and that comes back now and then throughout the song, which I enjoyed. The vocals.are also perfect for the music being played as well. They could maybe use a touch better production, but they’re top notch despite that. I wish I had pipes that good. And it could almost go without saying, but the solo in this is excellent.

This is a band going places. They’ll need a bit of luck, as all bands do, but you can help them find that luck by checking them out.
Silver Cloak is out today (the 26th), so go check em out, see what you think. What can it hurt?


8 out of 10



Track Listing:
A-Side:  Silver Cloak
Drowning In Dream
B-Side: Parallel Path