Broken Calling – ‘From The Ashes’ EP review

Band: Broken Calling
EP: From The Ashes
Release Date: 24th November, 2019
Label: Self Released



Review by Sean

Formed out of a tumultuous exit from another band, some bands might struggle under the pressure to prove a point. Some bands come to realise they’ve made a mistake, and then there’s the awkward bit where they have to go back to the other parties, apologise, and try to make amends. Some bands can make a decent go of things out of it all, but never really recapture what they once had, and then some bands burn a light so bright you can’t help but take notice. Which one of these applies to Broken Calling?
Let’s find out.

Kicking things off as a band with your first single opening with a Malcolm X quote sets a very pointed tone for a bands ideals and outlooks, especially when it’s the famed “Democracy is hypocrisy” speech.
But, that’s how ‘Superiority Complex’ introduces us to this group, formed mostly of former Spreading the Disease members, with a new guitarist in tow. The song is quite the pointed one, aimed in the direction of their former band member. It’s vitriolic, furious, and honestly, out of context, can apply to yourself if you’re dealing with an authority figure you’re unhappy with.

Moving on from there is second single ‘Broken’. Much of the fire from the first track is still here, but there’s more melody mixed in now. Think All That Remains or early KsE. It’s also a refresher point. They got their past grievances out the way early, now that anger is aimed firmly at the establishment, society, and the cunts that seek to make the world a worse place to be.
‘Where Is Your God?’ continues this trend, and even uses lines from a pretty much unheard of film called Bad Boy Bubby. It’s a Hell of a quote though, and made me wanna check the film out. The song is as you’d expect from a title like this one, going for the throat, taking no prisoners. The more melodic chorus may not have much to it, but you’ll be singing it along with the band live. I guarantee you that.
I did.
Fourth track ‘Russell’ serves as a touching tribute to frontman Connor’s departed father, and I’m not gonna lie, having lost someone close to me a couple of years ago, this one got to me a bit. It’s a loving sendoff, a heartfelt track that you need to be soulless to not appreciate.

The final track is somewhat similar to the opener, in that it’s very pointed. People from the UK should absolutely recognise the all too familiar voice in the intro as warmonger and Thatcherite Tony Blair. It’s my favourite track on the album, and the words in it apply so well to those on the right wing these days as well.
“How can you be so fucking blinded by greed,
Profiting from death and suffering
How can you sleep at night
thinking you’re doing what’s right
Risking the lives of the poor and the broken
As I said, apt, maybe more so now than ever. I can respect a band that isn’t afraid to be open about their ideals, even if I don’t agree with them. Thankfully this time, I’m well on their side.

This EP is excellent, the band have got a bright future ahead of them if they keep on this path. You’ll be doing yourselves a disservice if you don’t seek them out sooner rather than later

9 out of 10


Track Listing:
01. Superiority Complex
02. Broken
03. Where Is Your God?
04. Russell (In Memoriam)
05. Warmonger