British Lion – ‘The Burning’ album review

Band: British Lion
Album: The Burning
Release Date: 17 January, 2020
Label: Parlophone



Review by Sean

I never heard the first British Lion album. Not because I didn’t want to, just because at the time there was other stuff out, and then it just sort of slipped from my mind. I wasn’t going to pass up the second one though. Anyone who knows me knows just how huge a Maiden fan I am, so I HAD to hear this. Steve Harris is my music idol, so how can he do any wrong? Well…

First track ‘City of Fallen Angels’ isn’t a bad start. It’s kinda catchy, but it’s also so generic, and those vocals… wow. He’s not terrible, but it sounds like a knock off Bruce.

Next, to ‘The Burning’, and I couldn’t take this one seriously. All I can hear in the chorus is a slightly reworked version of the chorus from the Firewind song Mercenary Man. The rest of it sounds like a Maiden cast off.

‘Father Lucifer’ is utterly forgettable. I hadn’t even realised it had ended and the next track was partway through. Speaking of…

‘Elysium’ sounds like a solo Bruce track. The vocals are again not great, but rest of the band is okay. If you can imagine Bruce’s vocals over this, it’s a bit better.

I’m digging the main hook in ‘Lightning’, and I like whenever it comes back, but again, this feels like a Maiden song that got turned down originally, that’s been slightly reworked. A lot of the album is like that, if I’m honest. Like Steve had some ideas that were turned down, and felt like he HAD to have them out there.

‘Last Chance’ has a nice, sombre intro, and is a decent enough song, but once again is kinda generic. Like the sort of metal you hear on Planet Rock.

‘Legend’s is another forgettable one, sadly. I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about it.

I’d say this one is too, but ‘Spit Fire’ had JUST enough in it to catch my attention. Mainly because that chorus is absolutely a Maiden chorus. And repeating it over and over with a Celtic sounding backdrop started to wear a bit thin here, if I’m honest.

Next, to ‘Land of the Perfect People’, and I don’t know what to say about this one. It’s like some sort of Bon Jovi/Whitesnake mashup. I get the message of the song, but wow.

Loving the intro again, but then for the rest of ‘Bible Black’… oh dear. It doesn’t help that there’s already an incredibly well known and fucking monstrously good song out there with the same name, and it has Dio on vocals.

The final track is called ‘Native Son’, and it’s a slower song. I’m sure the lyrics have a good message in them but honestly at this point I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.

So to sum up, the album has good points, and if it was a new band I’d say it shows promise, but wow. Stick to Maiden Steve. Leave the solo work to Bruce or Adrian.

4 out of 10



Track Listing:
01. City Of Fallen Angels
02. The Burning
03. Father Lucifer
04. Elysium
05. Lightning
06. Last Chance
07. Legend
08. Spit Fire
09. Land Of The Perfect People
10. Bible Black
11. Native Son