Blink-182 – ‘Nine’ album review

Band: Blink-182
Album: Nine
Release Date: 20th September, 2019
Label: Columbia Records



Review by Sean

If you were like me, and in your mid to late teens when the emo scene was a thing, then you might look back on it fondly, and on the bands we used to love that were part of that scene. MCR, ATL, 30STM, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and what was that really popular one? Blink-182, that’s the ones! Oh, no, wait, they were a punk band. So why are they writing songs that were designed for the lot of us 15 years ago?

Apparently a bunch of guys in their 40s think that writing an album designed for angry teens of the early 2000s is what will get them over with people again. Honestly, 15 year old me would probably about the fuck out of this album, but then 15 year old Sean thought MCR and Papa Roach were the best bands of all time, so he’s a fucking doofus.

It’s not all trash, if I can be fully honest. There’s some decent stuff to be found here, but it all feels a bit like they missed the boat. By a decade and a half. It’s almost as if they dug out a bunch of songs from around the time of their self titled (and death of the band. Fight me.) album and said ‘Fuck it, no one’s heard them but us, let’s just chuck these out and call it an album.

So what do we actually have on offer? Well, it’s essentially a tour through a hits album called ‘Now That’s What I Call Emo’.
Straight from the off the opener ‘The First Time’ seems to be an ironic title, as it sounds like they wanted to do a shitty cover of the opener of their self titled album, ‘Feeling This. You listen to those first few seconds of each and tell me they’re not similar.

From there it’s a tour through sounding like Good Charlotte, My Chem, Fall Out Boy, A tiny bit of Simple Plan, and even some Panic! thrown in there. The midway point of the album has an incredibly punk sounding (on a punk bands album? Surely not!) song called ‘Generational Divide’, that musically sounds a little Bad Religion, but lyrically is hilarious, literally asking us if we think they’re better now. It’s a sad, pitiful cry from a once great band.

The second half of the album is slightly better, but in the way that you sort of get used to how bad something tastes if you eat it enough. Still, tracks like ‘Black Rain’ and ‘I Really Wish I Hated You’ are as emo as they sound, and for all the good of tracks like ‘Pin the Grenade’ and ‘Ransom’, they go back to the teen angst.

One of their songs is LITERALLY (and I hate that word) called ‘On Some Emo Shit’, for fuck’s sake. I listened to this album all the way through the first time through, but the second I just could not bring myself to do it.
If you’re a fan of the band from when they were, you know, good, then do yourself a favour and go listen to “The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show” and reminisce on how good stuff used to be.¬†Avoid this like the plague.
If you’re a fan of Blink from the self titled onwards, then ignore what I said. It’s more of the same shit. You’ll love it.

3 out of 10


Track Listing:
01. The First Time
02. Happy Days
03. Heaven
04. Darkside
05. Blame It On My Youth
06. Generational Divide
07. Run Away
08. Black Rain
09. I Really Wish I Hated You
10. Pin the Grenade
11. No Heart To Speak Of
12. Ransom
13. On Some Emo Shit
14. Hungover You
15. Remember To Forget Me