Beyond Salvation – ‘Scarbearer’ EP review

Band: Beyond Salvation
EP: Scarbearer
Release Date: 3rd May, 2019



Review by Sean

I guess I’ve been in a bit of a low patch lately, and I’ve had zero drive or motivation for pretty much anything, but fuck me did this EP give me the fire I needed to get shit done. It’s fiery,
brutal, punishing, and neck-breakingly excellent.

From the opening scream of “NOTHING BUT DEAD TO ME!”, you know exactly what you’re in for with this, and it only gets heavier and more brutal as we get into ‘Scarbearer’. There’s technical ability spilling everywhere throughout this EP, and just enough melody in it to tick every box as well, but this track is definitely more of the technical side of things. It’s angry, it’s spitting vile, and it’s coming for you.

‘Reborn’. What can I say here? It blew my fucking mind. The intro is fucking phenomenal, and gets you windmilling from the get go, the track itself is a lesson in how to thrash, and
lads, that fucking rhythm/beat combo is just unbeatable. Hands down my track of the EP, and honestly, the best thing I’ve heard so far this year. This one will definitely be getting blasted
as loud as possible, as often as possible.

‘Savaged’ is up next, and is a super sinister sounding track that will absolutely explode a room when played live. Talk about your power tracks, this has power for days. If they play this live and you’re not losing your mind in the pit, leave the gig, hand in your metalhead members card, and piss off.

Closing things out is the 7 minute ‘Downfall’. This one wraps up everything we’ve heard so far in a spiked and bloodied bow. Technical, brooding, speedy, melodic where it needs to be, angry as fuck. What an ender to a truly outstanding EP.

Now, I’m off to go blast ‘Reborn’ through my loudest speakers until the walls bleed.
You’re off to go get this disc. At least, you fucking better be.


10 Out of 10 Flames



Track Listing:
1. Dead To Me
2. Scarbearer
3. Reborn
4. Savaged
5. Downfall