Autumn’s Mourning – ‘Gotland’ EP review

Band: Autumn’s Mourning
EP: Gotland
Release Date: 11 January, 2019
Label: Self Released



Review by Sean

When I first came across this EP totally randomly on facebook, I had zero idea what to expect going in, just that the artwork pulled me in. Normally, not every time, but normally when this happens, the music ends up being good too.

The entire thing is available on YouTube, completely free, so I figured no harm done if I didn’t like it. Turns out I fucking loved it. The three track EP opens with a not much over a minute long orchestral/symphonic piece called ‘Glades of Golden Light’, that slowly builds things up, before ‘The Morning Mist’ descends upon us, with a truly glorious start. The vocals start off in a folk manner, drawing you in, helping you fall in love with the music, but before long the aggressive vocals kick in. Imagine a sort of Eluveitie sound, but more on the black metal side of things than folk, and without a female vocalist.

Throughout the album the vocals trade off, sometimes singing, sometimes growling, and it all works well together. It gives things a sense of narrative, of drive. You don’t get too stuck down with just one thing for too long. Which, given that third track ‘Gotland’ clocks in at a hefty 16:22, is a good thing indeed. The song itself ebbs and flows rather well. Sometimes ramping up the metal and aggression, sometimes slowing it down. A particularly great example of this is roughly ten minutes in, when things get stripped back to just an acoustic guitar and a lone voice, then slowly piecing things back together as more vocals come in, before the metal returns, just when it needs to.

The EP closes out just how it started, gently bringing us fully back down to Midgard after the ride it took us on. And what a ride it was. I make no bones about it, the second I was done listening to this, I went onto their bandcamp page and bought it. I loved it that much. It’s one of the finest things I’ve heard all year, maybe even longer, and if you love your folk metal, and like a bit of black metal too, this will be right up your alley. Get on it!


10 out of 10



Track Listing:
1.  Glades of Golden Light
2.  The Morning Mist
3.  Gotland