Alter Bridge – ‘In The Deep’ EP review

Band: Alter Bridge
EP: In The Deep
Release Date: September, 2019
Label: Napalm Records



Review by Sean

I’ve been avoiding new AB stuff cos the first new snippet I heard didn’t impress me. However, when I saw this EP was out, I had to check it out. I figured, best case, I’m pleasantly surprised, worst case, my expectations are met.

So, I put my earphones in, hit play, and waited expectantly as ‘In the Deep’ began. Instantly I felt like I was hearing something truly great. This is Alter Bridge back to their absolute best. Heavy, melodic, Myles sounding better than ever, Mark harmonising brilliantly. This is gonna be everywhere when the album is out, and with good reason.

Next up came ‘Take the Crown’, which starts off sounding like it’s gonna be a softer one, but then ramps it up again. It seems like the band are going on the attack for this upcoming album, and I can’t fucking wait. This one is what AB specialise in; angry lyrics, heavy, crunching guitars, soaring choruses. Belter.

‘Pay No Mind’ is definitely my favourite. I love everything about it. The sound, the vocals, the lyrics. It’s everything I love about the band in one track. If I was gonna show someone a track to introduce them to one of my favourite bands ever, this would be the track I use. It’s got punch, fire, and showcases a bit of every album style. It’s truly sublime. It is a perfect track.

Closing it out is ‘Wouldn’t You Rather’, which again is a heavy, furious attack of a song. If the whole album is like this, I will not be complaining. It has an ‘ABIII’ vibe to it, but with a more mature sound that comes with time. You normally want to close your EP with something memorable or catchy so it stays in people’s minds, but the band have decided here to be typically AB and give you something powerful and complicated instead, and I love them for it.

This is brilliant, and if it’s a sign of things to come from the whole album, I can’t wait!


9 out of 10



Track Listing:
01. In The Deep 
02. Take The Crown
03. Pay No Mind
04. Wouldn’t You Rather